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The American Dingo:The Carolina Dog


The American Dingo:The Carolina Dog
A glimpse of gold fur is seen through the Carolina pines
..among the fallen oak leaves.. and kudzu vines
Yellowish gold eyes..old as time..gazing back at mine
These gold-brown ghostly dogs of Caroline mostly stay unseen
..shying away from the beaten in their own dreams..
raising their young in the wilds of old farm fields and streams
Such dogs walked with old ancestors from the Bering Strait
so long..long ago.. by their side.. pacing their masters gait
Living once all over North only in this state
Native Americans found them excellent trusted friends
..a silent protector.. and always faithful to the very end
The' Trail Of Tears' forced the dogs to find their own dens
They`re in South Carolina .. parts of Georgia.. still in the wild
Quiet ,steady tempered and as innocent as an orphaned child
Civilization is closing in..Pray that it holds off..just for awhile...
2/20/04 Faye Sizemore

Carolina Woods

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